KimBoo York

Dog Mom and Persistent Writer

I spent over 15 years not writing...

My creativity was overpowered by shame, insecurities, and the intimidation of the written word. Perfectionism! Imposter Syndrome! 

I had the whole slate of feels. Every day I didn’t write, I thought, “this is it? This is the dreary life I have been consigned to?” I believed that my dreams of writing stories people want to read were hopeless, so I didn’t even try. 

And then…I did try. 

How did I start writing again? Was it willpower? Was it magic? Was it a Sense of Impending Doom????


It was fanfiction

I rediscovered my passion for telling stories by getting into the fanfiction community. It happened almost by accident but once I started writing, it was as if I couldn’t stop! When I posted a story for other people to read, and they actually read it, I felt so empowered. The community and support I received helped me face my fears. 

The road from there to becoming a published author has been a bumpy ride (including detours such as divorce, grad school, and a treacherous publisher who shall not be named!). Writing is a twisted combination of passion, skill, determination and inspiration. It’s not easy, and I’ll never lie to you about that.

But along the way I realized that what I got from the fanfiction community is what so many almost-authors lack: support, encouragement, feedback on the process, and constructive criticism on the result. 

For me, “not writing” was not about writer’s block (although some would call it that, I suppose). It was about feeling like my stories were unwelcome, unnecessary, immature, and foolish. It was born out of fears that my ideas were silly, that all my characters were unwelcome “mary sues”, that revealing too much about my own fantasies and dreams would lead to humiliation. That no one would read the ridiculous things I wrote. 

It was easier to get a master’s degree and go get a 9-5 job and forget my dreams…

I got over those fears by doing something fun, and having friends I made along the way cheer me on and empower me. 

I can do the same for you. 

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I love writing. Do you?

Now, let me be honest: you could go off and write a fanfiction story right now, post it (on AO3 or or Livejournal or dreamwidth or twitter) and get you some of that sweet, sweet encouragement. It’s free! It’s limitless! No matter what the story is about, someone will read it and love it. I guarantee it! And it will cost you ZILCH. I get nothing out of recommending this (unless you write me some Nirvana in Fire or Teen Wolf fanfic!!! ...please?). Go write! Do the thing!!!

…but if you are STILL not writing, if you are STILL holding back from that original fic that is yelling to be free…Here’s what I can offer to help you out:

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