The first Freakout on Friday

Mar 04, 2022

Welcome to my new blog!

I have others but this one is going to be focused on the mission of my business, that is, helping writers get motivated to write! 

Today is Freakout Friday because yesterday was the last day on my old day!job. The decision to leave was a voluntary one, but still a bit of risk for me. I'm ready to accept the challenge, though!

So what is THIS blog going to offer you, if not photos of my dog?

I'll be talking about what I'm doing here at the Author Alchemist (courses! freebies! podcast episodes!) and also about my life as a professional author, and the triumphs and tribulations thereof. I'm calling it the Freakout Friday blog because I'll be freaking out collecting all the things I want to talk about regarding creativity, motivation, and, you know, writing. WHEW

In other words, this is the dreaded ACCOUNTABILITY POST OF DOOM. Brace yourself!

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