Freakout Friday Report for 3/18/2022!

Mar 18, 2022

Well here we are! Freakout Friday! What am I freaking out about this week?

First off, I made two sales of my course Out from Fanfic! Mind you I've done zero marketing for it as yet, so I'm pretty impressed by that. 

Secondly, I had a major breakthrough with that story I keep obliquely referencing, Bones & Brews. Originally it was supposed to be a short, tropey novella rom-com. That failed to happen. Then I thought it might be an epic fantasy? Maybe? I played with that for a while but the plot remained stalled. Then the other day for some reason or another my brain finally realized what I was doing wrong the whole time: IT IS A COZY MYSTERY!

All the parts of a cozy mystery were already in place, except for a murder, which was why I was having trouble with the plot: I had not provided the correct plot point it needed. 

Now I'm facing off on re-structuring the 30k words I've already written but now I'm actually excited about it! It's gonna be a series! w00t!!!

Words Counts Collected

Fiction wordcount: 2,588 (all on The Queen's Aerie, and still low, but improving!)

Blogs: 2,021 (all for Keely's Way this week)

Courses: 206

TOTAL: 4,815



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