Freakout Friday Report for 3/25/2022!

Mar 25, 2022

Ooof! Back at it this week with increased numbers and big plans for moving forward. My biggest breakthrough was due to a suggestion from a fellow writer in a writer's forum I belong to, who suggested writing productivity guides for neuralatypical writers — those dealing with issues like ADHD, autism, sensitivity issues, processing issues, and/or physical disabilities (including chronic health issues or injuries).

At first I was very deep into imposter syndrome...who? Me??? I'm no expert! But, uh, actually I am? I have a master's degree in information studies and I worked for a disability services department at a major university for almost 10 years. I think I know a few things!

Anyway, on to reporting:

Word Counts Collected

Fiction: 15,720

Blogs: 2,149

TOTAL: 17,869

I think it is mildly inflated because I am definitely re-using some words for Bones & Brews, but on the other hand, doing so is requiring a lot of editing and time and brainpower, so what the heck I'm gonna count 'em anyway!


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