Freakout Friday Report for 4/1/2022!

Apr 01, 2022

This was a weird week to track; my fiction numbers are down, but that's because I spent all day (ALL day) on Monday and Tuesday working on my new course, the Author Website Toolkit. I came up with the idea for it Sunday night and just threw my whole schedule over to put it together. I'm super proud of that but ughhhhh, my brain hurt by the time I was done. 

I'm also toying with dictation as a tool for writing. I may or may not use it for my fiction books, but it helped me out a lot with the course development so I think might be a great option for things like blog posts and course content. I'll keep you posted!

Word Counts Collected

Fiction: 9,504

Blogs & Courses: 7,069

TOTAL: 16,573


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