Freakout Friday Report for 4/8/2022

Apr 08, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Freak Out Friday!

I am much happier with my word count this week, as I'm finally hitting the marks that I set for myself. Some days it is a little difficult, but other days, it feels very natural. They say that creativity is a muscle you need to exercise, and while of course, there is no "creativity muscle" in your body, there is a lot of validity to that metaphor, I think, because of this important fact:

The more you invest time into doing something, the more comfortable you will be doing it.

Which is not stated often enough in these discussions, because usually what people talk about is practicing something to get better at it.

To me, getting better at something is a byproduct of practicing, not necessarily the goal.

I think a better example than writing for this is dancing (and you know I love dancing!). The thing about dancing is not necessarily learning the steps, it is becoming comfortable with your muscle memory of the steps, and that's not the same thing.

Someone can learn the steps and be able to reproduce them perfectly, and still not be a good dancer. People say "well, they just need to practice more." Often that's true, but what they're saying, what they are thinking, is they just need to get better at it, when what really needs to happen as the is the person needs to be comfortable enough doing to relax and perform rather than just replicate the moves.

The way that I ended up writing a lot of words is not because I lash myself to the chair and cry about needing to get "better." As I force my brain into putting words into the document, I managed to write more words because I'm getting more comfortable doing that. I can just sit down and write them.

The byproduct of being comfortable sitting down and writing them is that I can then focus on getting better, as opposed to simply trying to smash out a number quota. That isn't to say there haven't been days where I did have to lash myself to the chair to make that last 200 words for the day (I did, oh definitely), but generally speaking, the more comfortable I am sitting down and writing, knowing that I can write as many words as I need to, the more I can enjoy the process and to spend time trying to become better at so it.

My freakout this week is one of joy because I've returned to that state of mind and I really love it here.

Word Counts Collected

Fiction: 14,585

Blogs & Courses: 2,095

TOTAL: 16,680


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