Freekout Friday Report! 3/11/2022

Mar 11, 2022

This is the end of the first week of my independence from working a day!job. It still feels a bit surreal but also so very, very good. I am energized and, while shying away from outright optimism, feeling positive about this change.

I admit that this week was more about feeling out the edges of my new schedule. I "get to work" at 10:00 am then work off an on until about 5:00 pm. That is flexible, though, depending on other commitments. I worked a little late yesterday since I took time off to meet with friends on Zoom from 10:30 to 11:30 am. Wednesday ended up being a low-energy day since my recurrent GERD issues kept me up most of the night prior.

But that flexibility is the goal here, not a set-back! What I am aiming for is a working on this business 4 days a week, but it might take a few weeks for me to nail down how to do that. I'm so used to spacing everything out to work around the restrictive schedule I had to live by with the day!job...

But Freekout Friday is all about accountability! So here's the list this week.

Word Counts Collected

Fiction wordcount: 1,050 (VERY low; but I'm just now getting my creativity mojo back. Ultimate goal is 2k a day!)
Blogs* wordcount: 2,016
Course script: 1,140

TOTAL: 4,206

* I have one main one, the daily Keely's Way, but also this weekly one and irregular updates for my author sites (K.C. York and Cooper West).

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