Friday Freakout Report 4/15/2022

Apr 15, 2022

I cannot believe I am having to do math on a Friday. >:(

Anyway, this week has had its ups and downs. I hit the mark less often than I wanted. I'm even worse off than last week, which is super depressing. But! Lessons are being learned, so that's something, and I'm spending a lot of time working on updating things.

What things, you ask?

I moved my podcast hosting over to podbean. Since I already had hosting there for my joint podcast Around the Writer's Table (check it out! Brand new!) I figured, heck, might as well upgrade. It means having to re-do a lot of things including the podcast page on THIS website, which Ugh. 

Also, trying to secure cover designers for upcoming releases and re-releases. I tend to be super picky about my covers, which would be fine if I also had lots of money to throw at cover designers, so I'm walking that famous line between affordability and quality...meaning, nothing is getting done anytime soon. 

But then again, I'm impatient! 

Anyway, that's my freak out: numbers not where I want them to be. I really want to be clearing 20k a week which means at least 3k words a day, if I'm writing 6 days a week. Even I admit that's a lot. Maybe this dictation lark will come through for me...

Word Counts Collected

Fiction: 12,287

Blogs & Courses: 1,654

TOTAL: 13,941


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