Writing is FUN.


why aren’t you writing?

I love writing. It's why I've written over 1 million words of original fiction, and over 1 million words of fanfiction, and it's why I LOVE empowering writers to tell their stories!

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If writing isn't fun for you anymore, maybe I can help.  

Out from Fanfic

A course to help you start writing original fiction using the lessons you've ALREADY learned writing fanfic! 

WIP Into Shape

Do you have a WIP  haunting you? Keeping you up at night, and not in a fun way? Learn how to revisit, refine, and FINISH it!

1 Million Words Club 

Membership site for folks who want to WRITE!

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I am here to help you write MORE

And hopefully better! But I’m not a writing  craft/techniques guru. I’m not here to sell you advice on how to write well, or outline a three act structure, or create a literary masterpiece. That’s not my jam. Nor I do possess the secret steps to writing a bestseller (who does?).

No, I am here to get you writing: to start writing, or return to writing, or figure out what is stopping you from writing. 

I won’t teach you how to be a great writer, but I will get you writing!

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The First Step is to Write

But yeah…writing is hard! 

We all know it. We all pretend that isn’t true, too. I have spent years as a professionally published author and a prolific fanfiction writer listening to reasons why my fellow writers don’t write. 

(Spoiler: the reasons don’t matter. 

What matters is YOU.)

Maybe you’ve experienced those ephemeral “in the zone” moments and wonder why you can’t write like that all the time. 

Alas, no one can write like that all the time. In fact, waiting for those moments to appear on the horizon is the surest way to never write anything at all!

Which is just a darn shame.

Lake ella, tallahassee florida

Write to Market...or not??!??! 

Are you a fanfiction writer trying to get a grip on how you can "transfer" your fic writing skills to original fiction that will sell? Writing to market is not the big mystery you think it is. Download my FREE 16 page guide on figuring out how you can write to a market you want to write to! 

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Help is on the Way!

Let’s be honest: there are a million+ books, guides, and courses out there on the big, wide web that will teach you how to be a better writer. There are good ones and bad ones, but even the worst ones are based on the idea that you are currently writing, or have written something recently. The most advice they give on how to actually write is to yell at you to SIT DOWN AND WRITE EVERY DAY! EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT! JUST WRITE!!! EVERY DAY! WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!

I admit, that’s not terrible advice! It’s also not very good, either. It’s just not

Because if you aren’t writing, then being made to feel guilty about it is not going to inspire you to start. If you aren’t writing, all the advice books in the whole world won’t make you a better writer.

I’ve supported writers during those hard times. I know how it feels to doubt and struggle; I also know what an amazing high it is to write “the end!” on the last page of a story that has possessed you and driven you for days — weeks — months — YEARS. 

Now, I’m here to support you.

I’ve got a few different ways to help.

Out from Fanfic

My signature course and the humble beginnings of what I call Fanfiction Academy! Here I take the tools you already have to teach you how to make the jump from writing fanfiction to writing original stories. If you want to write your own ideas with the same amount of passion and dedication you write fanfic, this course is for you!


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WIP into Shape

The subtitle of this course is "Secrets of an Alpha Reader" because I use my own experiences both being and working with alpha readers to help you take that unfinished story languishing in your WIP folder and finish it. At last!!! 

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1 Million Words Club

It wasn't until I hit 1 million written words that I felt confident in my voice as a writer, and understood what I loved writing about and why. It's a long road but this community will help you get there with regular co-writing sprints, a top-secret discord server for chatting, chill-vibe twitch streams to follow, and regular motivation! 

coming soon-ish!

Task Mistress

I don't do much personal coaching because time/energy. The service I do offer is to work with you 1:1 as a "task mistress", holding you accountable to your goals and giving you regular inspiration. It isn't cheap for reasons given above. But! If you feel this is the boost your creativity needs, we can talk about it!

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KimBoo York is the Author Alchemist

I call myself the Author Alchemist because creativity is magic, but tragically it does not appear magically in our lives. Sometimes it hides away and needs a little bit of alchemy to make it come alive again. I can't promise miracles or a place on the best-sellers list but I know the secrets (they aren't secret, btw) to sitting down and writing!


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